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From a single, standard unit to a complete turnkey bespoke laboratory refurbishment/fit-out, we draw on our highly experienced team, utilising state of the art, industry standard Autodesk AutoCAD software and high precision CNC machinery to meet our clients requirements and provide the laboratory furniture solution required. Our experience working with clients in a wide array of sectors and industries (Pharmaceutical, Defence, Petrochemical, Schools, Academies, Universities, Hospitals, Research and Development) means our furniture can be engineered to meet a variety of specifications and standards. We have an extensive history of projects across the UK.


Our team's full experience has been applied to our benching systems - engineered to meet the demanding specifications of modern laboratories in all sectors and industries. We offer the industry standard worktop material - Trespa Toplab, in both Base and Plus specification - along with a variety of other surfaces.


Our laboratory units are manufactured from MDF for greater strength - both in the panels themselves and their hold on fixings and threads compared to more common MFC. Our construction method compliments this to achieve an exceptionally strong, high specification unit at a competitive cost. State of the art, high precision CNC machinery from industry leader HOMAG ensures an optimal fit and finish.

Tall Units
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We recognise that for many of our clients in specialist industries, their unique requirements call for unique solutions and designs.

Bespoke Furniture

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Trespa Toplab Base, Speckled Finish ©ALS (UK) LLP

The choice of laboratory worktop should consider the requirements and normal use of the laboratory - Trespa Toplab Base is the industry standard. The higher specification Toplab Plus is often chosen for more demanding applications. Trespa worksurfaces are normally chosen for their ideal properties:

  • Strong Chemical Resistance
  • High Wear & Scratch Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • However, some clients have different requirements or preferences, and so we also offer a range of alternative surfaces:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Velstone
  • Corian
  • Stainless Steel
  • Arpa
  • Hardwood (Iroko & Beechwood)
  • Ceramic
  • Postformed
  • ALS (UK) LLP has substantial experience in machining, finishing and fitting these materials.


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    Pedestal Benching ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Pedestal benching features a solid worktop fixed to pedestal units. This system does not require any framework, and suits permanent benching particularly with services, such as sinks/taps/gas/electrical outlets. Our full range of pedestal type units is suitable.


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    Cleanline Benching

    Cleanline Benching ©Alistair Logan Photography

    Cleanline benching uses steel frames fabricated from 50x25mm box sections, and is available in A, C and Cantilever configurations to suit perimeter, peninsular and island benching. These are connected by extruded aluminium span rails, permitting frames to positioned freely along their length (within strength related safety constraints). The frames and rails are powder coated to the clients chosen finish.


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    3R Benching

    3R Benching ©ALS (UK) LLP

    3R benching is constructed from fabricated steel frames and rail sections, mechanically bolted together. This affords the strength of a full steel frame system, without requiring assembly welding, creating a system that can be transported more efficiently, constructed on site and is therefore viable for long bench sections.


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    Bespoke Furniture

    Bespoke ©ALS (UK) LLP

    The image above shows a mobile workstation featuring electrics, water supplies, and a Trespa worksurface on heavy duty castors. Two were manufactured for a client in West Yorkshire.

    Whilst we offer our 'standard' systems and ranges, ALS (UK) LLP has extensive experience procuring, designing and/or manufacturing to meet the specific demands of clients - whether by adapting our current furniture, creating bespoke units or sourcing alternative materials, finishes, or equipment.


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    Shelving ©Alistair Logan Photography

    ALS (UK) LLP offers both wall mounted and benchtop (reagent) shelving, typically in either 18mm MFMDF or 16mm Trespa Toplab Base.
    Wall shelving is mounted on a bracket system, while benchtop shelving is typically atop fabricated steel frames.


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    Pedestal Units

    Pedestal Units ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Pedestal units are fixed, floor mounted cupboards resting on a plinth. They are designed to support a worktop mounted directly above them. Usually, these are constructed from 18mm MFMDF with doors in either melamine faced MDF or melamine/laminate faced MFC depending on colour choice. These are offered at standard dimensions, but can be made to a bespoke size if required.


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    Mobile Units

    Mobile Units ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Mobile units are mounted on castors, allowing them to be easily repositioned by the client by simply unlocking the front castors. They are offered in standard dimensions to ensure clearance with our benching systems, but can be manufactured to bespoke sizes where required.


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    Suspended Units

    Suspended Units ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Suspended units hang from welded/3R frame systems using steel brackets. These are available as drawer and cupboard units.


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    Tall Units

    Tall Units ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Tall units are typically standalone pedestal type units. Generally these are placed against a wall, seperate from any other benching, and provide a large storage volume. Excluding tray units, these are offered in .


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    Wall Units

    Wall Units ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Our wall units are available with solid (MDF/MFC), framed glass and all glass doors. Glass doors are available as sliding or hinged, toughened safety glass with all edges ground and polished.


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    Gratnells / Tray Storage

    Tray Units ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Gratnell/tray type storage units are available in fixed widths, which are dependent on the fitting of doors and the number of columns. Single width units are 359mm wide or 377mm with door, doubles are 700mm or 736mm with doors and triples 1042mm or 1078mm with. These are available as pedestal, mobile or tall units. These are designed for the Gratnell tray range, offering 4 depths and a variety of colours. Solid colour trays are moulded from HIPS plastic, while clear or tinted trays use ABS. These are high strength, hardwearing plastics with smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning. A range of inserts are available, along with charging trays for electronic devices.


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    Fume Cupboards
    & Testing

    Fume Cupboards ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Our specialist Fume Cupboard and Extraction team is highly experienced in installing and servicing filtered & ducted fume cupboards for educational, commercial and other environments.

    Due to the highly specialist nature of these services/products, we strongly recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements with a member of our dedicated team.

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    Filtered Educational

    The EDU Series Ductless Demonstration Fume Hoods are designed for individual and group applications where clear front, side and rear walls permit all round visibility. The high efficiency carbon filtration and air management system protects both the user and the classroom environment from hazardous vapors generated on and above the work surface. The EDU series units are mounted on heavy-duty transfer carts and are sized to fit through standard doorways for easy transportation from lab to lab. Offers all round visibility for full participation. Protects the class from toxic fumes. Available in four models to meet general applications.

    Easy filter replacement
    Filter clamping system designed to prevent bypass leakage
    Low airflow alarm to warn of unsafe conditions
    Compliant with ANSI, OSHA, AFNOR and BSI safety standards
    Portable unit with transparent front, back and side walls for maximum visibility
    The EDU series offers personnel and environmental protection, optimal energy savings and zero toxic emissions to the room.


    Ducted Educational

    Design Note 29 | Building Bulletin 88 | Tested by CLEAPPS

    Designed and Manufactured in the UK in accordance with; Energy Efficient Design and Operation of Fume Cupboards Guide 320, meets BREAMM Hea 17 and Ene 11 compliance.

    The Labvent 3 is designed with educational establishments in mind schools colleges and academies, offering teaching staff and students a safe, practical and economical fume extraction solution.

    1000mm or 1200mm Wide
    Trespa® Toplab Workbase
    Linings and Baffles
    Toughened Glass Side Panels
    Counter Balanced Front Sliding Sash
    Aerodynamic Sash Handle
    Powder Coated Support Stand with Services Panel
    Air Bypass Grille
    Sash Stop

    Cold Water Tap and Front Control Valve
    100mm⌀ Vulcathene Drip Cup
    Vulcathene Bottle Trap
    Gas Valve and Front Control Valve
    Double Electric Socket
    Light Switch and Fused Spur / Light Fitting
    Triple Pole Fan Isolator
    Low Airflow Alarm Panel
    200mm⌀ Duct Connection

    Full Width Powder Coated Storage Cabinet

    Standard Technical Specifications
    *All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated

    (Widths) 1000 1200
    External Dimensions 2000(H) x 725(D) 2000(H) x 725(D)
    Pa Loss 60 60
    Internal Dimensions Chamber Height 1000 | Working Depth 650 Chamber Height 1000 | Working Depth 650
    Sash Height 400 400
    Volume of Air Extracted 0.152m³/sec | 547m³/hour 0.184m³/sec | 662m³/hour
    Sash Width 950 1150
    Take Off Diameter 200 200
    Centre from Back 200 200
    Weight 175kg 185kg

    Ducted Commercial

    Quality ducted fume cupboards suitable for a range of heavier duty applications such as the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of BS EN 14175.

    A range of support and storage options available, including: Powder coated mild steel frame, Solvent and flammable storage cabinet option or Laminate storage cupboard available.

    Fume Cupboard Types
    Bench Mounted - Walk In - Double Fronted - Integral Scrubber - HF Type - Thin Wall Bench Mounted

    Fume Cupboard Sizes
    External Width 1000mm - 1200mm - 1500mm - 1800mm - 2000mm

    Various sizes of sinks and drips cups available.
    Outer carcass fabricated from zintec mild steel, powder coated in textured matt white (RAL 9016) epoxy paint. Smooth rounded front edge profile.
    A wide range of work surfaces available including solid grade laminate (Trespa®), solid epoxy resin, fully welded polypropylene or 316 grade stainless steel.
    6mm toughened glass sash, counter balanced on slimline weights running on corrosion resistant nylon pulleys.
    Removable front air bypass grille.
    Sash stop set at 500mm and 25mm.
    55W fluorescent low energy light fitting.
    Light switch located on front of support frame or cabinet.
    Back baffle easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
    Fume cupboard alarm systems.
    A range of state of the art multi programmable airflow alarms and monitors. Functions include LCD air speed read-out, Fan stop/start and programmable relay outputs and inputs.

    Standard Features
    K8 Scrubber Fume Cupboard (Polypropylene Lined)
    K8 Bench Mounted Fume Cupboard - Fume Cupboard Stainless Steel Inner Chamber
    Smooth radiused front profile for improved containment and aerodynamics - 316 grade stainless steel front cill
    Inner chamber 6mm Trespa® Toplab with 16mm Trespa® Toplab bonded base - Removable back baffles for maintenance
    Removable service panels for taps, sockets and alarm panels
    Sash restrictor with auto set feature - Front by-pass grille which is removable for maintenance
    55W low energy light fitting with front mounted light switch - 2x double switched sockets
    AFA1000/2 Tactile Airflow Monitor - Alarm panel, light and double sockets all pre wired to junction box - 6mm toughened glass sash on twin stainless steel cables and counter balanced weight system
    Curved aerodynamic sash handle with easy grip front D handle - Superior containment and airflow profiling.
    Alarms and Controls

    Broen Service Outlets
    Cold water - Gas Outlets - 13Amp double electrical sockets.


    COSHH Testing
    & Requirements

    COSHH Testing ©ALS (UK) LLP

    COSHH regulations legally require LEV systems to be examined and tested against their performance standard - typically at least every 14 months.

    This is to ensure the performance of the system (including fume cupboards, ducting etc.) does not deteriorate over time, as poor flow could allow harmful fumes or vapours to escape into the room.

    ALS (UK) LLP's dedicated fume cupboard and LEV division regularly conducts testing across the United Kingdom in commercial, educational and public sector environments. Our management is ILEVE accredited, to ensure our practices always conform to the regulatory requirements. We recommend contacting us to discuss your testing requirements.

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    Fume Cupboards

    ALS(UK) LLP design, manufacture and install a wide range of controlled environment rooms to meet clients specific requirements with regards to temperature control, humidity control, lighting control and other factors. Typical applications include plant growth rooms, electronic equipment testing rooms, cell tissue growth rooms - in fact any application that requires the temperature, humidity and light levels to be maintained within specific limits. The use of PID controllers and modern electronic systems allow control tolerances of better than +/-0.2ºC with a temperature uniformity of +/-0.3ºC and humidity control of +/-3%. Rooms can be supplied to either operate at fixed temperatures and humidity levels or can be variable parameter rooms which allow the user to adjust humidity and temperature values within a set range.

    Room Construction

    Typically the controlled environment rooms are constructed from modular insulated panels, that connect together by means of “foamed in” cam locking devices. This method of modular construction is very flexible and allows for the rooms to be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere if required. The panels for the walls and ceilings can be manufactured from either food grade coated steel sheets or stainless steel and include 80mm thick injected polyurethane insulation to minimise heat loss and increase efficiency. Floor panels are constructed in the same manner as the walls but using a 1mm thick Alu-Zinc steel sheet skin which can be covered with a floor covering to suit individual requirements.

    Control Panel

    The control panel typically incorporates digital displays providing the operator with a real time calibrated temperature and humidity reading for the room. As well as the option to have chart recorders or digital logging to provide 24hr recording of room parameters for validation purposes. As standard preset alarm limits are incorporated to prevent excessive temperatures occurring in the event of a malfunction, the control panel can provide local or remote visual and audio alarms should the room parameters go outside the set limits. In addition to these standard alarms, the rooms can also be designed to include other sensors, such as low oxygen level alarms to protect personnel working within the rooms.

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    Extraction & LEV ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Our specialists are highly experienced designing, fabricating & installing ductwork and ventilation systems on any scale - from an extract for a single fume cupboard to HVAC services for an entire floor of laboratories. These can be fabricated from PVC, polypropylene, galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium or GRP, utilising centrifugal, inline & poly extract fans, incorporating fire dampers and other ancillary equipment.

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    Seating / Chairs

    Chairs ©ALS (UK) LLP

    Either as part of our laboratory furniture works or independently, ALS (UK) LLP can provide a range of seating to your specification / working environment at a competitive price thanks to our strong relationships with primary manufacturers and importers. Through experience and feedback, we have formed a collection of seating products suited for laboratory use, offering comfort, hygiene and durability. The soft polyurethane or vinyl these are upholstered in can offer comfort whilst independent testing verifies their ease of cleaning helps prevent the spread of pathogens, including MRSA and E. coli, making them ideal for use in the laboratory environment.

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